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What is the International Pavilion?
The International Pavilion (IP), an AAPG subsidiary, that focuses on bringing together countries with oil and gas resources with the oil and gas companies looking to explore and produce them. By showcasing E&P opportunities, disseminating information, and providing an environment for meaningful discussion and negotiation, the IP helps facilitate the process of identifying and evaluating international exploration opportunities.

The International Pavilion has evolved into a worldwide showcase for the direct promotion of international exploration and development opportunities by national oil companies and government agencies. By providing information and networking opportunities, the IP helps foster early interaction that results in the creation of successful business relationships in addition to being a year-round source of information for the global petroleum industry.
Why exhibit with the IP?
  Information exchange & networking opportunities with executives from international oil companies.
  Promotion of current & upcoming licensing rounds and data packages.
  Presentations of hydrocarbon potential & joint development opportunities.
  Announcements of new development & exploration activity.
  Access to year-round marketing through exhibitions and online website.
History of the IP
The IP began in 1994 at AAPG’s annual convention and exhibition. Held in Denver that year, the plan was that this would be a onetime event. That showcase drew 37 exhibiting countries. The enthusiastic response from both exhibiting countries and attendees led AAPG to hold the IP again the following year, and every year thereafter. Over 100 different countries have exhibited in the IP over that time.
Conferences and meetings have been a staple of IP activities since the program’s successful launch in Denver. In 1997 the IP expanded its participation in exhibitions by adding the AAPG International Conference and Exhibition to its schedule, followed in 2007 with the annual AAPG APPEX meeting in London.
In 2005 AAPG spun off the IP as a subsidiary company, International Pavilion LLC. This new structure allowed it to work more closely with governments and industry, respond quickly to market needs, and pursue new expansion opportunities. One such expansion was the 2007 partnership agreement with the American Association of Professional Landmen, whereby the IP began exhibiting and managing the international section of NAPE Expo, the premier industry property and prospect expo held every winter in Houston. At this unique event, the participating countries exhibit alongside oil and gas companies showcasing international deals, giving attendees a wide selection of international opportunities.
Online IP
In 1997, the online version of the IP was launched. The Online IP is evolving into a year-round source of information for the promotion of hydrocarbon potential and joint development opportunities by individual countries to the international oil and gas industry.
You can download copies of the presentations made by countries in the IP Theater at past meetings, and see current investment opportunities. IP participants also use the Online IP as a vehicle for announcing upcoming licensing rounds and promotion of current data packages.
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